Saturday, October 5, 2013

Introducing Apples

Welcome to our little piece of heaven. Allow me to introduce us all. Call me Apples. That's not my real name, but Mummy (you can call her MotherHen) wants us to stay safe online. I am nine years old, and I have two older sisters who you can call ChilliPepper (aged 12) and Ginger (aged 14). We live in a suburb of Brisbane Australia. Our yard isn't very big, but we are turning it into a  teeny tiny farm, where we grow our own veggies and soon we will be getting chickens too! We also have two mischievous cats called Kip and Scamper (the two things they do best) and the sweetest staffy (that's a breed of dog) in the whole world called Boof. As you might be able to tell, we love animals in our house - especially my Stepdad, who you can call the AnimalWhisperer.

For a long time, our garden was pretty boring - just scraggy grass, with a "dog bomb" here and there. But then we put in five small raised garden beds. I helped Mum wheelbarrow a whole 1.25 cubic metres of good soil from the front yard, uphill to the back yard to fill them up (and that was with a dodgy wheelbarrow too!) At first we had a hard time stopping Boof from digging in them and the cats from pooing in them (yuck!) but now they are well protected from the animals and thriving with lovely things for us to eat! So far we have harvested sugar snap peas, snow peas, lettuce, radishes, a baby beetroot (that we pulled up early by mistake) and lots of different herbs. My favourite was the sugar snap peas. Here is a picture of me with a big harvest of greens that we used to make yummy rice paper rolls last weekend.

Soon we will be able to harvest zucchinis, more snow peas, red, yellow and purple tomatoes and red capsicum (my favourite!), with lots more things still to come!

Today we picked up our chicken coop so we will be busy assembling that and getting the yard ready for the chooks over the next month. I'm so excited about getting chickens!

Mum has typed this for me. I will probably do some posts of my own in future, but be warned - they won't be spelled as well as this! My Mum and my sisters will also be writing posts, so you will be able to get to know us all.

Keep on growing!

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