Monday, November 25, 2013

Eglantine, Yoko and Princess Laya

Hi this is Apples here to tell you about our (drum roll please) Chickens! Their names are Princess Laya, Eglantine and of cuorse Yoko. Your asking what colour eggs they lay? Well Princess Laya lays light brown eggs. Egglentine lays blue or green eggs. Last but not least Yokos eggs are dark brown. 

(Note from MotherHen: Well actually, none of them lay eggs yet, they are really only tweenage hens so eggs are still a few months away!)

Okay, MotherHen is going to type for me now because it's nearly my bedtime so I need to be quick. 

Princess Laya is a Buff Sussex chicken. She is the smallest and cutest of them all right now but when they grow older she will become the biggest chicken. She can't cluck yet, she just makes little chirpy noises and she can't get on the roosting bar yet because she is so small. She is a lovely goldish brown and very pretty.

Eglantine is an Araucana and she is the biggest of them all for now. I often see her flapping around - she's quite the flapper! She's a lovely pearly white colour with grey splodges. She can cluck but she's pretty quiet. She only makes noise if she is frightened.

Yoko is a Barnevelder. She's black with little tiny brown v shapes on some of her feathers. She's almost as small as Princess Laya but she can get onto the perches and she snuggles up with Eglantine. I haven't heard her making any noises yet!

I took these photos myself this morning.

Did you see the joke with their names? EGG-lantine... LAY-a... YOLK-o... Get it?

Keep on growing!

- Apples

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