Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Favourite Foodies: Nelly and her Maleny Dairy Products

Yesterday I wrote about our love of the Kuraby Markets and promised a series on our favourite stall holders. This is the first in that series and there is only one place we could start: the delightful Nelly of the Maleny cheese stall (pictured here with Apples).

Nelly is one of life's sweethearts. She always brightens up my morning and loves seeing the kids when they are with me. her products are delicious. The first ones that I became addicted to were her tomato jam and buffalo quark. I love having them together on cracked pepper water crackers, but they are also great on sandwiches. The quark makes a great alternative to butter and I've even used it on scones with jam instead of whipped cream. Mmmmm...

BTW I'm a big fan of full-fat dairy products when trying to lose weight. A few links from friends on Facebook started me questioning the conventional wisdom that low fat is best when "reducing" and I have concluded from personal experience that a small serving of full fat dairy satisfies my hunger and keeps me energised for longer than a larger serving of low fat dairy. As a result, I eat less overall. The buffalo quark is a great example of this and it's wonderful to be losing weight while still eating such delicious food!

My other favourite product from Nelly is her ginger flavoured yoghurt. I used to buy it in 350mL containers but now I go through a litre a week! It's an unusual flavour to find in a yoghurt but now that I've had it, I can't live without it. My favourite way to eat it is stirred through a bowl of sliced strawberries. The perfect summer sweet treat!

Ironically, Ginger (my 14 year old) prefers the blueberry flavour yoghurt. I bought her a tub a week ago and she scoffed the lot in one sitting! I love seeing my kids so passionate about real food. All of Nellie's yoghurt flavours are wonderful and best of all she has free samples for you to try at her stall (as you can see here). The kids love trying different flavours and choosing which one they want in their lunch boxes for the week.

And then there are the cheeses! Oh... my... word...! This is where things get dangerous for me because I would spend all my money on them if I could...

So if you are at the Kuraby Markets do stop by her stall. It's near the market entrance and her partner, Bill, has a wonderful farm stall just next door too (more on his stall in a future post). 

Pick up something delicious for yourself or someone you love. I promise you won't regret it!

- MotherHen

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